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Commmercials and Shorts

RC Short: "iMelody"NEW!!

29 points of compatability, Rhythm Creature style!

RC Short: "No Nose is Good Nose"

Discover how the Rhythm Creatures got their noses.

Commercial Classic: "The Hillaz"

Will LC and Heidi ever talk again? Watch the new trailer! Bah!

Commercial Classic: "Blubber Max!"

What's the latest weight loss craze...? Blubber Max!

Commercial Classic: "Ball Buster"

Ball Buster--We'll Bust your Balls.

(Episode 2)

Special Feature: Jumbo Juice Trailer

(Cut from Episode 3) This trailer is a parody of those stupid truck commercials that were running early in 2007.

Commercial Classic: "Jumbo Juice"

The original Jumbo Juice. Put it in there.

(Episode 3)

Episode Downloads

Episode 4. "Pet Peevs" **NEW**

Do you have a Pet Peev? Sure, we all do.

Episode 3. "The Pitch Demons"

Meet the Pitch Demons, Cowabella and Brümhändel.

Episode 2. "Wazzaaaaaaaaah...?"

Our two favorite characters visit the MOMA. Plus, RC introduces it's third Rhythm Creature, Fasol.

Episode 1. "Caught your eye!"

Old School RC. Re and Elti are strangers meeting for the first time. Includes original RC monkey jungle sounds and the infamous bird scene. This episode is an old flash format and is best viewed when downloaded